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When I started at The Next Digitals in June 2022, I was familiar with several other ERP systems and not yet with Netsuite. Now a year later, I find myself in a Netsuite environment daily. A perfect time to write down how I view the capabilities and impossibilities of Netsuite.

In the world of business software, Netsuite has emerged as a powerhouse, offering a comprehensive suite of applications designed to streamline operations and drive business growth. With its real flexibility, functional core, and complete range of features, Netsuite has become the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes. In this blog post, we will explore four key points that make Netsuite a match for organizations seeking a robust and versatile business management platform.

1.Real Flexibility: everything is customizable

One of the key strengths of Netsuite is its ability to adapt to the unique needs of businesses across all industries. From financial management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce, Netsuite provides a wide range of customizable modules that can be tailored to suit specific business requirements. Recently someone asked me how users notice in what module they move, they do not. It is all under the same umbrella.

In there, Netsuite offers the flexibility to configure workflows, customize user interfaces and scripts ensuring that the software aligns with your organization’s needs.

Let me give an example:
You want users to receive a popup (with instructions for example) in case they fill in a certain field? That’s possible. You can off course also setup an alert to a certain person in the background, highlight the value like we do in Excel with conditional formatting and create a new step in the workflow. All based on the value of a field in a input form. The system isn’t limiting in how far you should go in this.

2. Not Sexy but very functional

While some software solutions may boast flashy interfaces or trendy features, Netsuite focuses on delivering functionality that truly drives business success. I think you could say all UX designers are dismissed.

But as financials read figures like the newspaper, I do not feel anyone is aware that UI (User Interface) could be sexier. And every user’s first priority is that it works. Many actions in an ERP are repetitive and therefore the improvement and learning curve of a daily user is huge. It is exactly this learning curve that makes user quicker and ensures high efficiency in their work. As far as I am concerned, it is therefore a fair choice that functionality takes precedence over appearance in Netsuite. With Netsuite, businesses can confidently rely on a dependable and efficient system that delivers tangible results, day in and day out.

Let me give an example:
Netsuite proves everything fits in one screen, by using horizontal tab-bars, dropdown select boxes, Field groups and multiple sub lists. This happens by default and you can adjust it yourself. You don’t have to be a UX expert either, but we do recommend keeping an eye on an organized layout with no unused fields.

3. All-In: Netsuite has something for All You Need

It is in the name. Netsuite is a suite of apps. Its comprehensive suite of applications covers a wide spectrum of business operations, making it an all-in solution for organizations looking to consolidate their software and data stack. From financials and operations to sales and marketing, Netsuite offers modules that integrate seamlessly, allowing for real-time data visibility across departments. Whether you need to manage your financials, track inventory, automate sales processes, or analyze (customer) data. Netsuite provides the necessary tools to drive efficiency and enable informed decision-making across your entire organization. There is even an App-store (SuiteApps) in Netsuite to install and share apps.

There is a downside of course. Every organization is different and because of NetSuite’s flexibility every environment is different. Selecting your own stack of applications – by modules, scripts and Suiteapps – makes another unique combination. The most common category in a high overlook on raised questions between Netsuite professionals, is about what’s best functionality to use in each situation. Most Netsuite expertise love this and being good in selecting the right functionality differentiates good from great consultants. So, it could happen, believe me it does, Netsuite experts learn about another solution that might have had a better fit in a previous situation. There is a continuous Technology Value Gap between the possibilities and the actual use. The understandable excuse is that the possibilities in Netsuite are too vast for anyone to fully oversee. Even for Netsuite itself.

Let me give an example:
When you’re entering advanced customer support (ACS), Netsuite applies 3-month onboarding of your environment. This means they analyse how you use Netsuite to support you with your Netsuite environment. We at TND do this very differently, but it shows again that no Netsuite environment is the same.

4. Booming, so be there

As long as businesses worldwide recognize the need for integrated and scalable software solutions, Netsuite’s popularity continues. The platform’s robust capabilities, cloud-based infrastructure, and constant innovation have positioned it as a leader in the market. By adopting Netsuite, businesses can stay ahead of the wave and leverage the power of a booming platform that continuously evolves to meet the changing demands of the business landscape. Do not miss out on the opportunity to align your organization with a solution that is trusted by thousands of businesses globally.

Let me give an example:
When Netsuite brings out a new feature, they can bring it as an optional module or available for everyone. In both cases it will be integrated in the core of Netsuite and connected with the relevant parts in Netsuite that were already in place. Same as for your iPhone update, releasenotes tell you the content or you will find out yourself. Let’s not forget all features are made relevant by thousands of users.


My answer on ‘Why Netsuite’ grew enormously last year. Most clients are incredibly positive and attached to the platform. And as said before, it makes a significant difference what solution the consultant selects for the situation. Our Netsuite consultants love to make that match and have more fanatics around them to discuss solutions with before implementing.
Ultimately, each organization has to properly determine for itself what’s most important and appropriate. I believe Netsuite has an answer to that (3. All-in) and offers real flexibility (1. Real flexibility) to bring the user experience (2. Functional, not sexy) from ERP to “our own system”.

If you want to be part of that or could use help, we would be happy to have a look.

Want to know more?

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