Core Values

Working at The Next Digitals: it’s all about the content.


The Next Digitals is growing. Personally, we think this is the most fun phase for companies. If you join us, there is a lot of room and even the expectation on your own initiative. Are you of the sayings “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” or “How about we do it like this…”? The space to make that happen is here. And yet you don’t have to do anything alone. The DevOps model we use, and our core value “Together we get it done (#together)” states that we are in fact in everything together. We strive for the feeling of no boss and no fuss.


Our team is young and ambitious. Learning is essential these days, but what you need for that are the ingredients we are happy to discuss with you. As we like to come across as rebellious and innovative externally, internally that is naturally how we are too. We do this from the conviction “There is always a next step (#ambition)”.


We only look for honest and reliable people. This also requires you to be able to organise your work well. This is almost logical, but also essential in living up to “We do what we say and say what we do (#honesty)”.

Like any other organisation, we too believe that we are unique and therefore ‘the place to be’. The truth is that you can only experience that in practice. After all, there has to be a match first and for a longer beautiful cooperation, it also applies that we have to make a success of it together. We cannot express it any differently.


  • Together we get it done (#together)
  • There is always a next step (#ambition)
  • We do what we say and say what we do (#honesty)

Want to know more?

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